Federico Carosio is a self-taught artist whose work captures the intense light and rich colors of South Florida like no photograph can. Carosio’s eye for detail can be seen in the photo-realism of his early pop-art paintings. while his abstracts and sculptures reflect the bold colors of his native COUNTRY Colombia, his landscapes PAINTINGS have made him one of South Florida’s most celebrated and successful artists.


From the sun-drenched beaches of Key West and Miami Beach, to the tree-shaded streets of Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, Carosio’s beautifully detailed paintings bring to life the region’s lush tropical splendor. Each work of art perfectly captures the vibrant colors, varied shapes, and textures of South Florida’s tropical foliage and the complex interplay of light and shadow that changes not just with the seasons but also with the time of day.

Carosio is a frequent exhibitor in one-man shows, art festivals, and art basel. His body of work has been awarded best in show and he has also been nominated to THE florida's artist hall of fame. Carosio is highly motivated in collaborating with organizations to give back to the community, he HAS worked with sandy b. muller breast cancer foundation, habitat for humanity, march for dimes, alzheimer's awareness and much more. CAROSIO'S POPULARITY EXTENDS FAR BEYOND SOUTH FLORIDA AND HIS WORK HANGS IN HOMES ALL AROUND THE WORLD.